Draw Your Diagrams with a New Version 7.71

New version fixes a lot of found bugs.

Diagram Frames, Splitting Relationship using Element

Version 7.70 includes many interesting improvements as relationship splitting, better renaming or added diagram frames. It also fixes found bugs.

Improved Parsing and Other Fixes in Version 7.62

The new version brings a dozen of enhancements, mostly fixed bugs.

Version 7.61

This version fixes found bugs.

Version 7.60 with Single Click Editing, Improved Documentation

The new version includes 25 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

Better Snap Lines, Visual Aid for End Point Locking and Much More in 7.50

Version 7.50 enhances stability, improves toolbox, relationship locking and much more. There is overall more than 50 improvements and fixes.

Version 7.46 - Hotfix

Version 7.46 is a hotfix of two annoying bugs.
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Export diagram (Request)


When i export activity diagram with swimlanes with white background i can't see bottom line of swimlane because it's white too. How can i make this line black?

Thank you.

27 November 2014 12:13:34, Maxim

Export does not show complete diagram (Comment)

If your situation is similar as described here: [url][/url]

it will be fixed soon.

27 November 2014 10:30:52, Dusan Rodina -

Export diaram (Comment)


Sorry for this bug. It will be solved soon. Fortunately, there is a workaround - you can select all elements (CTRL+A) in the problematic diagram and slightly move all elements. The export w...

27 November 2014 10:28:14, Dusan Rodina -

Export diaram (Request)


When i export activity diaram the text of Control Flow is out of exporting zone. So, i have cut text on the image. How can i expand exprot zone.

Thank you.

26 November 2014 11:11:32, Maxim

Export does not show complete diagram (Comment)

Please check the setting of diagram bounds. If they are set e.g. as A4, program will crop the exported image to this format.

If so, use this menu - [b]Diagram/Bounds/Auto Expand In All Directions[...

22 November 2014 21:17:46, Dusan Rodina -


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