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Thank you for your opinion. Yes, the links are outdated, I work on the new version. It takes longer than I wanted. Maybe, I should have wait with the release of version 6, till the user guide was completed. What happened, happened. Version 6 was released, the manual was not yet updated. Now, I work on its update.

If you encountered any errors and problems, you could let me know. I always try to fix bugs as soon as possible and not only that - I continuously improve automated tests, which can prevent the whole categories of problems. Before I release a new version, all unit tests have to pass.

All known bugs are here ( ) and they will be fixed within few days.

Users can also easily report bugs directly from the application after a crash. Currently, the last crash (reported by this tool) is from May 29th.

If you want, you can let me know, what wasn't saved, or what actions cause crashes for you, or what exactly do you find incomplete. If you don't want, I'll understand. I will still test it myself and improve it.

I do my best on SIM and I understand if it is not enough for everyone. As long as there are people, who use SIM, I will try to improve their experience from this application.

Dusan Rodina - 1 July 2013 1:41:31

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