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Bugs and suggestions (Comment)

Thanks for the explanation and video tool.

When to expect the release?

20 June 2024 13:42:10, SplinterX

cafe del mar (Comment)

1. *Pedir pelo site (Coffe del Mar)*:

- *Cliente* pode fazer pedidos de cafés, salgados e doces pelo site.

- Opções de *entrega* ou *retirada na loja física*.

2. *Reunião e stakeholders*...

19 June 2024 14:37:05, bender

Bugs and suggestions (Comment)

Thank you for the video. Now, it is more clear. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

Here is also a detailed explanation if you are interested: It is caused by copying a UML Action eleme...

18 June 2024 15:37:34, Dusan Rodina -

Bugs and suggestions (Comment)

Yes I am talking about 14.50.

Here is the video but I am not sure what it will do.

Again. When I ctrl+c and cntrl+v an activity it is paste as a new insta...

18 June 2024 14:54:34, SplinterX

Bugs and suggestions (Comment)

10) Still without success... Can you please explain what it means that it does not work for activities? The dialog is still displayed despite the setting or another method of copying is used - a ne...

18 June 2024 10:23:29, Dusan Rodina -

Bugs and suggestions (Comment)

7) No. I think it should load the exact tabs that were there before closing and the active tab should be the last active tab before closing like web browsers do. No need to chose projects or lookin...

15 June 2024 17:07:01, SplinterX

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