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waterfall (Comment)

I wanna learn more about waterfall model.

20 March 2023 14:05:35, Omar

Thanks (Comment)


16 March 2023 11:56:45, Anonymous

Flowchart (Comment)

[Start] --> [1. Issue/Requirement/Incidents raised to the MSO team]

--> [2. Analysis by MSO team]

--> [3a. Configurable or requires small code changes]

--> ...

15 March 2023 9:03:33, Anonymous

Database design (Comment)

sql file to erd diagrams

13 March 2023 9:18:53, Rose

import Python code FAILS (Comment)

Thank you for your feedback. The issue will be thoroughly analyzed, and it will be fixed in the next release.

6 March 2023 22:04:52, Dusan Rodina -

System Architect is more mature. this does not work for Python reverse engineering (Comment)

System Architect is more mature. this does not work for Python reverse engineering. I will stick with System Architect.

This tool does not work for Python package reverse engineering and mode...

5 March 2023 20:29:58, richdev

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