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Source Code Template for Python (Comment)

I am not able to find any detailed information besides of the example templates about the metalanguage, in order to define a template.

Where can I find a manual ?



28 February 2024 15:46:42, dr.siegmund priglinger

- (Comment)

The Feature Model Diagram is supported starting from version 14.20.

15 February 2024 15:29:12, Dusan Rodina -

- (Comment)


The challenge arises because our software utilizes WinForms for the graphical user interface (GUI), which currently does not have a native Linux implementation. Consequently, the software...

15 February 2024 9:42:48, Dusan Rodina -

.net 7 Linux install? (Topic)

Is it possible to install the 14+ versions on Linux with .net 7 support? Is there anything special that needs to be done, or is there a guide?

14 February 2024 20:08:30, IndyDev

RE: Behavior Expression (Comment)


I apologize for the slightly delayed response. You can find the behavior expression in the "Effect" field, located in the "General" tab of the "Relationship Properties" dialog.

14 February 2024 9:45:54, Dusan Rodina -

Behavior Expression (Comment)

Hello, I can't find "Behavior Expression" after drawing the transition (an arrow). The lab menu states that it can be found in "Relationship Properties" --> "Transition Tab" --> "Behavior Expressio...

11 February 2024 18:21:19, Will Hui

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