Version 9.32 - Small fixes

The new version brings fixes of reported bugs.

Version 9.31 - Hot Fix

This version fixes some annoying bugs.

Selection of Multiple Fields and Batch Actions for Them

The new version 9.30 is aimed on improvements for fields. The code about fields was completely rewritten. A field can be selected, actually, also multiple fields can be selected at once. You can drag and drop them for copy or move. Some fields (which were not editable from diagram at all) supports inline editing.

Enhanced Diagram Drawing, Better Autocomplete and Referenced Default Value

Version 9.20 includes more than 20 new features and improvements. Relationships can be detached and moved to other elements. Auto complete was completely reworked - it supports multiplicities and default values. If you set an enumeration as a type, you can reference one of its items as a default value. If this item changes, all references will follow this change.

Better UML Standard Implementation and Documentation Generation

Version 9.15 brings many improvements in UML diagrams, improves documentation generation and fixes found bugs.

Better UML Activities and Frames, Improved Work with Groups and More in 9.10

New version brings 23 improvements and it fixes all discovered bugs. A lot of these improvements is related to UML Activities and Frames and work in diagram editor.

Version 9.05 - Small Improvements and Fixes

This release fixes a lot of bugs and it brings also some small improvements. Folder Overview was enhanced - it shows also nested folders now.
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Grafcet Diagrams (Comment)


Thank you for your interest in Software Ideas Modeler.

Grafcet diagrams look interesting, they can be added in one of next releases.

The documentation is full in the trial version. ...

23 May 2016 18:48:32, Dusan Rodina -

Grafcet Diagrams (Topic)


Is there a chance for Grafcet charts in the next releases?

I found you're software to be very usefull so I will order a licence soon.

PS: Now I'm using the trial version, in this tr...

22 May 2016 23:40:55, Mircea

zoom diagram (Comment)


the zoom combo box was moved down to the status bar.

If the status bar is not visible, you can show it using menu View/Toolbars/Status Bar.

You can zoom a diagram also using Ctrl+Mouse Wh...

10 May 2016 22:02:57, Dusan Rodina -

zoom diagram (Topic)

Is it possible to zoom into/out of a diagram? If so, how? The SIM 4 user guide (section 4.1.11) mentions a 'zoom' combo box on the standard toolbar, but I cannot find that feature in version 9.32.5...

9 May 2016 18:26:50, nick

RE: RE: Remove connecting lines of connection elements (Comment)

thx for your quick reply. Your second suggestion worked fine :)

I propably did edit the default style and wasn't aware of the corresponding option. thx :)

11 April 2016 14:53:34, Claudia


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