Donations for Software Ideas Modeler

In the beginning of this project, it was possible to donate any amount of money and support the development. I am very thankfull to all of these people who provided the financial help. Here is the list of donors with donation amount they sent.

List of Donors

DateNameDonation AmountMessage
2012-01-06Reinhard Oldenburg€30
2011-05-10Elena Peter€25Very good work, stable, clear design and easy to use.
2012-09-18M. Silvia Rodriguez€20
2011-12-07Harald Hendrikx€20
2011-02-03Pierre Gorissen€20
2010-12-16Ignacio de Miguel Diaz€20
2010-12-08Nico Daveri€20Good software!
2011-03-10Chris Knowles$20
2011-01-03David Zerweck$20
2012-03-19Kasem Wongjinda$15
2012-01-26Elbert Dee Walston$15Thanks for the really nice software. Wish I could donate more. Thanks Elbert Dee
2011-12-29Michiel Scheepmaker€10Works great on Win7 and Linux. Thanks!
2011-11-28Andreas Schneider€10
2011-11-17Jyrki Vesterinen€10Portability and official Linux support is a killer combination for me. :)
2010-12-07Dr. Reginald Broekmann€10
2011-12-01Wun$10Thank you. You do a great software!
2011-11-07Dorman Musical Instruments$10
2011-10-27Алексей Горковенко$10
2011-01-16Michael Schroer$10
2010-12-20Виктор Гулькин$10
2011-12-27Yen Mertens€5
2011-02-08Ulf Czarnojan€5
2011-01-15Rumen Dimitrov€5
2012-10-15Alexander Volik$3
2012-09-28Damian Nohales$3
2011-05-19Luca Pucci€2
2011-11-15Janusz Kącki€1One euro from student's pocket with best wishes & good luck.

Thank you!