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Software Ideas Modeler is a powerful UML tool that supports all 14 diagrams of UML 2.5. It is easy to use, provides complex diagramming and modeling options. Our UML tool supports documentation generation, export to many image formats, reverse engineering, and source code. Except for standard UML diagrams, other UML-derived diagrams are supported: Information Flow Diagram, Model Diagram, and Manifestation Diagram. The UML software also offers a special UML Mixed Diagram that allows you to use all the UML tools from all UML diagram types.

Tool for UML Diagrams

Our UML modeler enables you to draw, edit and export UML diagrams. It supports the latest UML notation and helps you drawing structure, behavior, and interaction diagrams.

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UML diagramming tool supporting all 14 UML 2.5 diagrams

This UML software allows you to design and draw all types of UML diagrams. Created diagrams can be exported to various formats. You do not need to draw the diagrams yourself, there is a lot of tools that allow you to generate the diagrams from the textual definition, database, source code or .NET assemblies. You can also generate a code or database tables from drawn diagrams.

UML-derived diagrams

  • Model diagram
  • Manifestation diagram
  • Information diagram
  • Mixed diagram

UML Software with All Features You Need

Our UML diagramming software offers a lot of useful features that improve your diagrams. You may use a lot of styling options, create custom reusable visual styles, or choose from many pre-defined style sets. Smart guides help you to build well-aligned professional-looking diagrams. You do not need to start with a blank canvas, you may generate diagrams from various sources - databases, source codes, .NET assemblies, or even texts. The result may be printed or exported to many imaging formats (bitmap and also vector ones).

Everything is a Model

Some UML diagram tools are just drawing software. Software Ideas Modeler is a model-based UML tool. Every element on your diagram has its model part. It allows you to use a single element multiple times - on various diagrams or even on the same one. Then you edit the element just once and all its instances and references are updated immediately.

Diagram Sharing

You can share your UML diagrams very easily. Export them to common bitmap and vector formats (SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and others). Then you can work with your diagrams in other graphical apps or text processors. You can attach the diagram files to an email message and send it to others, who do not have any UML diagram software. You can also share the Software Ideas Modeler project file (SIMP) and send it to your friends as we offer the free viewer for the SIMP files.

Model Sharing

You can also share the UML models and use them in other UML tools or you can import the models from them to Software Ideas Modeler and generate the corresponding UML diagrams. It is possible via the XMI import/export feature.

UML Diagram Types
UML Diagram Types

UML Tools for 2020

Our UML tools are ready for the new challenges of the 2020 year. They are effective, easy-to-use, compatible with the latest standards and notations. Software Ideas Modeler includes:

  • Class Diagram Tool
  • Use Case Tool
  • Activity Diagram Tool
  • Sequence Diagram Tool
  • Statemachine Diagram Tool
  • Component Diagram Tool
  • Deployment Diagram Tool
  • Composite Structure Diagram Tool
  • Package Diagram Tool
  • Object Diagram Tool
  • Communication Diagram Tool
  • Interaction Overview Diagram Tool
  • Profile Diagram Tool
  • Timing Diagram Tool

UML Software for Your Programming Language

Software Ideas Modeler supports various programming languages in terms of data types, reverse engineering and source code generation functionality. You can model your software projects in:

Free UML Tool

Standard edition of Software Ideas Modeler is free for non-commercial use. Students and non-profit organizations may download this UML tool and use it for free. Higher editions with advanced features or commercial use of Standard edition are paid. Any edition of Software Ideas Modeler is free to try for everyone, up to 10 days without registration or 30 days with registration.

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What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface? This tutorial shows you similarities and differences between these two object-oriented programming concepts.

C# Class, Interface, Enum and Other Concepts in UML

You can model your C# software in UML. The classes can be modeled using UML class diagrams. It is possible to depict abstract, static, generic classes and their members.

UML Class Diagram Enumeration

An enum allows you to define an entity with a list of literals in the UML class diagram. UML Enumeration values can be used by class attributes.

Convert UML Class Diagram to ERD

UML class diagram and ER diagram share the ability to define a domain model. Software Ideas Modeler allows you to convert the classes to entities, associations to relationships and the class attributes to ERD attributes.

UML Arrows - Know UML Relationship Types

UML diagrams use different types of arrows. Each arrow type represents another relationship. Sometimes the relationships are depicted in the same way, but they have a slightly different meaning. In that case, they can be annotated with a stereotype.

Latest UML Examples

Hospital Management System (UML Diagrams)

The example project models a hospital management system using UML use case, class and sequence diagrams.

Vending Machine (UML Sequence Diagram)

A UML sequence diagram example that shows the process of buying a drink by a customer and making it by a vending machine.

Taxi Booking System (UML Sequence Diagram)

An example of a UML sequence diagram for a taxi booking system. It shows interactions between customers, taxi drivers, apps, and the taxi system server.

Billing System (UML Component Diagram)

Modules of a billing system depicted on a UML component diagram. The example diagram shows the high-level architecture of the billing system.

Air Conditioner (UML State Machine Diagram)

An example of a UML state machine diagram that describes states of an air conditioner and the transitions between them.