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Software Ideas Modeler is a UML tool that supports all 14 diagrams of UML 2.5. Except for standard UML diagrams, other UML-derived diagrams are supported: Information Flow Diagram, Model Diagram, and Manifestation Diagram. There is also UML Mixed Diagram that offers all UML tools from all diagram types.

Software Ideas Modeler enables you to draw, edit and export UML diagrams.

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Latest UML Tool Tutorials

Advanced Use Case Analysis

A use case analysis allows you to understand the functional user requirements on the modeled system. During the analysis, you will identify the actors and specify their interactions with the system using use cases. Use cases are detailed using a flow of events.

Code Generation - Turn Your Diagram to Code

It is possible to transform your diagrams into source code in various programming languages. Mostly, you will need to build a code for class diagrams or entity-relationship diagrams. However, you can also generate code from a state machine diagram or any other diagram type with custom-defined templates.

Regex to State Machine Diagram

Regular expressions can be transformed into a state machine diagram. It is possible to map regex syntax to states and transitions.

Add Constructor to UML Class

A constructor is a procedure called to create a class. This tutorial shows you how to add a constructor to a class in your UML diagram easily.

Object as a Default Value (UML Diagramming)

Apart from literal values, you can set an instance as a default value of an attribute.

Set Enumeration Item as Default Value of Attribute

Enumeration items can be set as default values of attributes. After setting an enumeration item as a default value, it will be referenced - so if the item will be renamed, the changed name will be used for all references of the item.

Edit Visibility For Multiple Attributes/Operations

You do not need to change visibility of the class attributes (or operations) one by one. You may select multiple attributes (or operations) and then perform the desired action.

UML is an abbreviation for Unified Modeling Language. It is a general-purpose modeling language in software engineering designed to provide a standard way to visualize the design of a system and its components.

UML drawing tool

Software Ideas Modeler is designed to make the drawing UML diagrams easy. There are various ways how to draw your diagrams - point and click, drag and drop, specify the bounds of drawn elements, batch element inserting, and much more. Use smart snaplines, grids, and layout actions.

UML modeling tool

You can do more than only draw UML diagrams with Software Ideas Modeler. It is a true modeling tool that allows you to manage the parts of the created model. Share the parts in multiple diagrams, reference the elements from one diagram to another. It provides tools for navigating the model and generating the code based on it.

UML diagramming tool supporting all 14 UML 2.5 diagrams

This UML software allows you to design and draw all types of UML diagrams. Created diagrams can be exported to various formats. You do not need to draw the diagrams yourself, there is a lot of tools that allow you to generate the diagrams from the textual definition, database, source code or .NET assemblies. You can also generate a code or database tables from drawn diagrams.

Structure diagrams

Behavior diagrams

Interaction diagrams

UML-derived diagrams

  • Model diagram
  • Manifestation diagram
  • Information diagram
  • Mixed diagram

All Features You Need

This UML tool offers a lot of useful features that improve your diagrams. You may use a lot of styling options, create custom reusable visual styles or choose from many pre-defined style sets. Smart guides help you to build well-aligned professional-looking diagrams. You do not need to start with a blank canvas, you may generate diagrams from various sources - databases, source codes, .NET assemblies or even texts. The result may be printed or exported to many imaging formats (bitmap and also vector ones).

Everything is a Model

Some UML tools are just drawing software. Software Ideas Modeler is a model-based UML tool. Every element on your diagram has its model part. It allows you to use a single element multiple times - on various diagrams or even on the same one. Then you edit the element just once and all its instances and references are updated immediately.

UML Diagram Types
UML Diagram Types

Free UML Tool

Standard edition of Software Ideas Modeler is free for non-commercial use. Students and non-profit organizations may download this UML tool and use it for free. Higher editions with advanced features or commercial use of Standard edition are paid. Any edition of Software Ideas Modeler is free to try for everyone, up to 10 days without registration or 30 days with registration.