Entity Relationship Diagram Tool

Software Ideas Modeler is an entity-relationship diagram tool, which allows to draw and model a standard ERD diagram or ERD diagram by Chen notation. You can model entities, relationships, primary and foreign keys and also indexes.

ERD tool - Entity Relationship Diagram Tool

Free E-R tool

You can draw entity relationship diagrams for free with Software Ideas Modeler Standard (non-commercial usage). Even if you want to use the software for commercial purposes you can buy the software at a very affordable price.

Different Styles for Primary/Foreign Keys and Relationships

Entity Relationship Diagram supports different styles of attribute layout:

  • Column
  • Flow

You can choose one of three diffent key styles:

  • +, #
  • PK, FK
  • Icons (🔑, ➥)

And there are also two possible styles of relationships and their multiplicity:

  • Min-Max
  • Crow's foot
Entity Relationship Diagram supports different styles of attribute layout, keys and min-max notation for relationships

Import from Database

You can import the tables with their relationships from MS SQL, MySQL or any other database which provides OLE DB provider (e.g. Oracle). This E-R diagramming software supports not only import of new tables, but it can also import the changes. You can choose which tables you want to add or update and whether you want to generate a diagram or import only tables to the model.

Script Generation

SQL DDL script generation is a must for the good E-R tool and Software Ideas Modeler is no exception. In cooperation with the change tracking feature, you can generate also change scripts.

Enumerations and Codebooks

Each table in diagram can contain data directly in the model. This is useful especially for enumerations and codebooks.

Types in E-R Diagrams

You can use the specific database types in your diagrams, or you can utilize general UML types and let the software translate to the correct database type.