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Software Ideas Server Setup

Server provides support for user cooperation, global repository and tasks.

Auto-Size of Diagram Element

A selected element can be resized automatically by double clicking on one of its grips. There is also a lot of auto-sizing options.

Navigating in Fields using Keys

When editing an element with fields (e.g. class) in a diagram you do not need to use mouse - the navigation between fields (e.g. attributes and operations) can be managed only using keys.

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Users (Entity Relationship Diagram)

Model of user module including rights, roles and user access logging.

Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)

A diagram of classes in Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Class diagram.

Restaurant Orders (UML Use Case Diagram)

A diagram with use cases for Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Use Case diagram.

Help for Software Ideas Modeler

First Steps


Software Ideas Modeler needs for its run installed .NET Framework 4.5.1.


Removing Software Ideas Modeler from your computer is very easy.

How to Apply Your License Key

The following steps show you how to apply your license you get to e-mail after your purchase.

First Steps with Software Ideas Modeler

You installed Software Ideas Modeler and you want to start to work with it. This article guides you through the first steps after running the application.


Class Diagram (UML)

Class Diagram is a static structure diagram which describes the structure of a system by showing its classes with their attributes and operations, and the relationships among objects.

Use Case Diagram (UML)

Use case diagram consists of use cases, actors and relationships among them. It presents a user interaction with the system and defines the specifications of use cases.

Sequence Diagram (UML)

Sequence diagram models communication among objects in sequential order. It shows object, classes and actors involved in the scenario and exact order of messages. It consists of vertical lines which belong to lifelines and horizontal lines of messages.

Activity Diagram (UML)

Activity diagram is a behavior diagram, which shows a scenario using a flow of actions. It models a sequence of actions, decisions based on conditions, concurrent branches and various cycles.