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0 Missing relationship option when creating new entity. When creating a new entity an Entity Relationship Diagram (C#, EF) using right mouse-drag, a sele... Confirmed 3 May 2024 Arthur Kater Details
0 Code Generation I'm having a problem with C# code generation. The software seems to be struggling with "null!" or... Solved (in 14.30) 8 February 2024 21 March 2024 Caelan Details
0 HyperLink (URL) I am in a Data Flow Diagram, then Right Click an Object, select documentation, Select General....... Solved (in 14.09) 16 November 2023 28 November 2023 Patrick Gartner Details
0 Unexpected error Class Diagram There are error message when i created rules in class properties. I open additional window rule's... Solved (in 14.01) 1 October 2023 2 October 2023 Max Details
0 Problem in the sql script for a “CREATE UNIQUE INDEX”. Software : Software Ideas Modeler Ultimate – Trial Version Version : 13.99 Source Code Generati... Solved (in 14) 8 September 2023 26 September 2023 Loic Gadras Details
0 State Machine visual corruption [b]1.[/b] When a Composite State is moved as part of a group selected by using a rectangle (even ... Solved (in 14.00) 2 August 2023 26 September 2023 Richard Details
0 Activity Diagram SwimLane D&D After entering an action into the swimlane I am unable to move the swimlane by dragging and dropp... Solved 10 May 2023 10 May 2023 Roger Smith Details
0 Property in SYSML The property in SYSML get a dashed frame by default. According the SYSML conventions it should be... Solved (in 14.01) 24 April 2023 27 September 2023 Isotherm AG Details
0 import Python code FAILS System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Softw... Solved (in 13.98) 5 March 2023 15 March 2023 richdev Details
0 Newest update 13.95 not detected while running 13.90 After the release of version 13.95 and while running version 13.90.8425.20233 selecting File/Help... Solved 9 February 2023 10 February 2023 DirkJan van der Hoven Details
0 Modify todo priority cell 1. Create new project 2. Open TO-DO window 3. Add a item 4. Edit Priority by double-click the ... Solved (in 13.90) 20 January 2023 25 January 2023 Eric Details
0 Export Draw IO Hello, Exporting a diagram to Draw IO rises an exception : SoftwareIdeasModeler.Core.CommandP... Solved 12 January 2023 20 January 2023 LaurentW Details
0 Invalid "diagram name cannot be empty" When I insert a diagram the "add diagram" dialog propose a name for the selected diagram. But the... Solved (in 13.80) 28 September 2022 5 October 2022 De Ruiter Automatiseringsdiensten Details
0 Vertical text alignment Dear Dusan I noticed some text alignment issues when I tried to set the vertial text alignment i... Solved (in 13.70) 28 August 2022 5 September 2022 Sebastian Details
0 Infinite trial version on same computer, without re-installing program, with same e-mail Abusing trial version infinite times: without using virtual machines, without re-installing th... Solved 17 July 2022 23 December 2022 User Details
0 docs generation missing essentials hi, I can't see a field in doc generation that can set the version and date which is i guess ver... Solved 12 July 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details
0 enum class hi enum and enum class are missing for cpp code generation Solved (in 13.50) 7 July 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details
0 Graph Database Can i have project data loaded and saved from a graph database (e.g. neo4j) ? Confirmed 4 July 2022 DENSO CORPORATION Details
0 static keyword automaticly selected hi, I try to create an interface in cpp like the following: create class with <<interface>> str... Solved (in 13.50) 28 June 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details
0 namespaces c++ header files generation good day, thank you for fixing the first issue. now the keyword namespace can be seen. but still... Solved (in 13.50) 28 June 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details