Reply To: Class diagram graphics issues

Hi. A couple of graphics issues with the class diagram. These are low priority things, just something to be aware of.

1) When exporting to PDF, dashed lines (realization, dependency) become solid lines.

2) Diamond on aggregation or composition is often mishaped and misaligned with the connection line. The problem becomes even worse in PDF export.

3) When I click or double-click on any connection label (such as where you would put 0..* for example) to enter new text the label moves slightly. It's almost as if I started dragging it a little bit.

4) Zoom in by CTRL+mouse wheel jumps too much sometimes. When I'm zooming it beyond 100% (middle of zoom-in slider) it feels like it jumping quarter of the slider at one wheel move.

5) It would be nice if CTRL+mouse wheel zoom in would zoom onto where the mouse cursor is. See how google maps works for an example.

All in all, great app. Thanks for releasing it.

Slava 3 May 2010 1:19:22

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