Reply To: RE: Aplication crash when submenu "Add Diagram" me

I confirm this bug. All works great on Windows but crashes on Linux.

More info here:

From what I have seen so far it is already a great tool and it has the potential of becoming even better.


- Its C# and I love C#

- Its fast (much faster than other Java crap)

- You put a lot of effort to make the diagrams nice looking (not just rectangles, but shadows, gradient colors, etc.)


- You probably noticed that GDI is not the best thing, when it comes to drawing and moving around large objects


- Release the code as open source (the code itself is visible anyway in .NET Reflector)

- Start a bigger forum (phpbb, smf, etc.)

- Start a bigger bug tracking system (Bugzilla, etc.)

- Use other people to help you with things listed above (I am willing to help if you are interested)

Best wishes,


eiver at eiver dot net

Eiver 13 July 2010 20:37:41

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