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No worries, I understand and I thank you for your feedback.

The State Machine template was implemented by State design pattern (

Any source code generation template can be edited in the application using Source Code Template Editor. In case you would like to adjust some outputs by yourself, it is possible. Or if you have an example of code, which you would expected or preferred as the output of the source code generation, you can send it us and we can include the improved (or a new template) to one of next version.

We constantly work on new improvements and enhancements, so if something is not good enough right now, it may be soon. If you would have any tips for improvements in any form (few words, short description, link, picture, etc.) or you find something you don't like about Software Ideas Modeler, do not hesitate let me know.

Dusan Rodina - 9 August 2017 21:59:13

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