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Thank you for your fast response !

OK, I still need some help :(

and changing the templates is a bit beyond my abilities.

1. I think, "InitialState" and "FinalState" must also be generated like any other state.

"InitialState" should be the default state ?

2. Properties/Tab_SourceCodes/<Do> : is never generated

3. Properties/Tab_State/StandardActions : are not generated

4. Properties/Tab_State/CustomActions : are not generated

5. In files "*_Context" and "*_BaseClass" the namespace is always "Model 1" (with space !), DiagrammProperties/General/Custom namespace seems not be used. Renaming default name "Model 1" to "Model1" has also no effect, namespace is still generated as "Model 1"

6. I need some small example how to use the generated classes, I am a newbie in C#. I would think 2 or 3 lines should be enough, or ?

7 I tried to generate C++ and files (to compare and understand), but with all settings I could think off I only got empty classes... or nothing.



behr GmbH 13 August 2017 11:52:06

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