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yes, as you mentioned the trial version allows you to try any edition.

Software Ideas Modeler comes in two user interfaces: ribbon and classic menu - you can choose one you prefer:

Reverse Engineering (RE)

In ribbon interface, you can access it from Process/Reverse Engineering - there are 4 types of RE: .NET framework, Database, Source Code and XSD. (The group contains also options for XMI and BPMN import)

In classic menu interface, it is accessible from Tools/Reverse Engineering

You can also access any feature without knowing its placement within menu or ribbon - press CTRL-Q and type the name of action you are looking for, e.g. 'Reverse' and the matching actions will be displayed in a drop down list.

I hope I helped you. In case of any other questions feel free to let me know.

Dusan Rodina - 3 October 2018 21:52:27

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