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This might be very well the case. Mono is getting better and better, but it still is buggy. I also have applications, which run great on Windows/.NET, but fail on Linux/Mono. Debugging applications on Linux with MonoDevelop is also not as easy as it is with Visual Studio on Windows...

If you are able to reproduce the bug in Mono using a small peace of code, you can send the bug report to them and it will be fixed. I did that with my application and they fixed it in 15 mins. Mono IRC channel is a good place to get in touch with Mono devs.

P.S. Great job! Keep it up!

P.S.2 Is it normal that the *.simp file has tons of null or '\0' bytes at the end after </sim-project>?

Eiver 15 July 2010 20:45:33

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