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Hello Siegmund,

To find the manual and detailed information about defining templates using our template language, please visit the following link: This section provides an overview and some essential commands used within our template language. However, I acknowledge that this documentation may not cover all commands at present.

We are in the process of updating this section to ensure it includes all necessary commands and examples for a more comprehensive guide.

Additionally, for practical examples of the template language in use, you can explore the built-in templates through the Source Code Template Management module. Here's how you can access these examples:

  • Open the Source Code Template Management module (Process / Templates / Source Code Templates).
  • Choose any programming language from the top toolbar drop down.
  • Select any template from the list of templates.
  • Navigate to the Files tab on the right part of the window.
  • Select a file and click on the Edit File button to view the entire code of the template, including the utilized template tags.

These examples can serve as a valuable resource for understanding how our template tags are applied in real scenarios, complementing the documentation provided.

I hope this guidance helps you find the information you need. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or require further assistance.

Dusan Rodina - 29 February 2024 12:07:26

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