Reply To: Generating import from RelationShip

Dear Dusan,

I have a question about the code generation (any language) :

I need to generate the imports corresponding to the relationship bw 2 objects.

For example, my solution is composed by :

1 class "user" in a main package.

1 class "group" in a organization package which is in the main package.

The user object references the group object (usage or dependency), one of its attribute is of type "group"

So in the generated code the user object should reference the "group" like this : import / use

The Element.Namespace instruction returns "maingroup", so namespace without the dot.

Is it possible to add dot bw all namespace packages ?

Is there a way to resolve my issue ?

Many thanks for any help !

Philippe L. 2 March 2024 23:35:45

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