Importing a .Net assembly does not produce any diagram


Hi I was just checking a reverse engineering feature you have in the professional edition, the ability to import .NET assemblies. I am trying to import a .dll file that comes from a package that was downloaded off of nuget.

After importing, no diagram was produced, but a folder was inserted into my project tree.

Could you help me understand what I need to do correctly and explain what possible source assemblies can be imported.


8 April 2020 15:26:25 Malcolm Swart

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Dusan Rodina - 8 April 2020 21:11:30

One of the problems may be that the target DLL may be dependant on other DLLs that are not present in its folder.

The next version will provide a message with a detailed description when an error occurs during the import.

Malcolm Swart 9 April 2020 14:21:04


Ok that makes sense, I will look into it.


Dusan Rodina - 9 April 2020 15:44:59


You're welcome.