Perform reverse engineering of the entire solution


I am studying the project:

The project consists of layers (projects):

- Northwind.Model (.NET Framework 4.8, dll);

- Northwind.UI.WPF (.NET Framework 4.8, Appl Windows);

- Northwind.ViewModel (.NET Framework 4.8, dll );

- Northwind.Application (.NET Framework 4.8, dll).

**At the moment**:

- I choose the file **"*.csproj"**;

- **Software_Ideas** builds a class diagram.

**I expect from Software_Ideas**:

- I select the file **"*.sln"**;

- **Software_Ideas** builds all the necessary diagrams:

- diagram of project layers;

- all UML diagrams;


Can I use **Software_Ideas** to realize my expectations?

What part of the expectations can **Software_Ideas** fulfill?

**Example:** **Software_Ideas** will automatically build not all UML diagrams, but several diagrams.

24 October 2022 9:40:32 Ivan

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Dusan Rodina - 24 October 2022 19:18:45


It is not possible to perform reverse engineering from a solution file in the current version. It will be added in one of the next versions. Thank you for your notice.