24 March 2016 23:39:36 Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net

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KC 24 March 2016 23:39:36

Attributes of attributes

I am trying to figure out how to set the attributes of the attributes such as foreign-key, primary-key,auto-increment. How do you set them in the app?

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 25 March 2016 2:12:50

RE: Attributes of attributes

The best way is to choose Entity Relationship Diagram (Project/Add Diagram/Other/Entity Relationship Diagram). Insert an entity to your diagram, add an attribute, right-click on it and choose Primary Key, Foreign Key, Nullable or Auto Increment from context menu.

If you want to use UML Class Diagram, you can add an attribute with custom stereotypes to a class. You can create custom stereotypes for foreign key and auto increment (right click on attribute / Field Properties / Stereotypes tab). You can use (UML) standard modifier 'ID' for primary key (right click on attribute / Field Properties / Modifiers group)

Bruno Santos 30 October 2017 17:46:29

Association multiplicity

I can't select the association multiplicity in the Class diagrams, it opens and closes very fast in the upper left corner. It looks like a bug. Can somebody help me?

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 30 October 2017 18:40:51

RE: Association multiplicity

This problem may occur at some zoom levels. It will be fixed in the next release this week.

Aleksandar 18 October 2022 19:59:19


I paid for the Java export feature but it is not available.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 18 October 2022 21:49:40

RE: Java

We are sorry, but the Software Ideas Modeler Customized edition is no longer available. This offer is not offered in the Shop section anymore, but unfortunately, it was incorrectly disabled in our system and was available from the search. We are refunding your purchase. We apologize for this misunderstanding.