How can I copy/paste a diagram across models?


We are working with a colleague on two refinements of the same model in parallel and frequently need to exchange different versions of the same diagram in a so-called "trunk" version of the model.

Export as XMI destroys the placement of elements on the diagram and it therefore takes longer to re-arrange the elements than updating the diagram manually.

Is there a way to select, copy and paste a diagram?

Thanks in advance for your comments on this

17 March 2014 14:03:46 ALTEN-Technology GmbH

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Dusan Rodina - 17 March 2014 16:36:04

You can copy a diagram from one project to the other one using Project / Add Existing Diagram. Choose the file of the other project from Open File dialog and then choose the diagram from the next dialog.

You can copy the diagram also this way:

  • Open a project
  • Right-click on diagram in the project tree and choose Copy from context menu
  • Switch to window with the other project
  • Right-click on Model node in the project tree and choose Paste from the context menu.