How to Create Asynchronous Message

Asynchronous messages allow the caller to continue processing. It doesn’t have to wait for a response. Asynchronous calls are used in multithreaded applications and in message-oriented middleware.

If you want to use an asynchronous message in Software Ideas Modeler, you can follow these steps:

Choose Call Action Tool

Choose Call Action tool from toolbox, then press the left mouse button on the caller lifeline (Lifeline1), hold the button and move to the called lifeline (Lifeline2) and release the button - the call message between Lifeline1 and Lifeline2 will be inserted. Asynchronous Messages - Step 1

Set Call Action Name

Enter the name of call action. Asynchronous Messages - Step 2

Open Properties Dialog

Click using right button on arrow or name of call action to show the context menu and then click on Properties menu item (or you can alternatively double click on the call action) to open the Properties dialog. Asynchronous Messages - Step 3

Set As Asynchronous

In Properties dialog open the Message tag and check the Asynchronous check box. Your setting confirm using OK button. Asynchronous Messages - Step 4

Asynchronous Call Message

And here is the result: Asynchronous Messages - Step 5

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