Drawing Shapes

There are multiple ways how to draw a new shape (element), so you can choose your favorite one.

The fastest way how to create a new shape is drag&drop method:

  1. Move the cursor to the tool button for element, you want to insert (e.g. Class), press and hold the left mouse button.
  2. Move to the position where you want to insert the new element and release the button.
Drag and Drop

The second option is drawing the shape:

  1. Click on the tool button in toolbox
  2. Move cursor to the desired start position of the element, which will be drawn. Press the left mouse button and hold it.
  3. Move cursor and so define the size of newly created element. When you release the mouse button, the element will be inserted to the diagram.
Defining Bounds

If you press CTRL during drawing, the start point will be the center of the shape not the left top corner as by default.

If you press SHIFT during drawing, you will get a square.

You can also press CTRL and SHIFT together and you will get a square drawn from its center.

Key Modificators

If you want to draw multiple elements of the same kind, click for the second time on the button of the selected tool. A small lock will appear on the right side of the tool button. When you draw a shape now, the current tool will not switch to the Selection tool. The lock will be canceled, if you click again on the button of the selected tool or also on the other tool button.

Locked Tool

The third way of inserting an element is double-click. Just select a tool from the toolbox and double-click on a free space in a diagram, where you want to insert a new element.

For the forth way, you don’t need mouse, only keyboard. Press the key for the tool, you want to use (e.g. C for Class) and then the numeric key (0-9) for the position of the element.

Smart Keys

After inserting a new element, the name box will show and you can easily set the name of the newly created element.


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