Dynamic Form Model (ERD Example)

This ER diagram example shows the data model of dynamic forms. If a form format is not strictly defined we need a dynamic structure that allows us to store various forms with a variable number of grouped fields. The fields may be of different types.

Forms Data Model

Fields of each form in our data model are organized in groups. The model supports the definition of form structure as well as entities for storing filled values by user. Each form may be filled multiple times.

This E-R diagram example uses the MS SQL type set. If you want to use a type set for another database you may change it.

The data design offers the following entities:

  • Form
  • FormGroup
  • FormField
  • OptionFormField
  • Option
  • FilledForm
  • FilledFormField
  • FieldType

Our database diagram for dynamic forms supports these types of fields:

  • Text
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • Number
  • Data Time
  • Text Area
  • Item Choice

After downloading the model you may edit it and add your own field types to this enumeration.

Dynamic Form Data Model (ER Diagram)
Dynamic Form (ER Diagram)

Form Wireframe

Form Wireframe (Example)
Form Wireframe (Example)

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