Event Management System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram for an event management system. The system allows its users to organize events, invite guests, and post information about the events.

ER Diagram for Event Management System

The example shows the entities of the event management system and the relationship between them. The diagram uses MS SQL Server types. After downloading, it may be changed to any other type set.

Event Management System (ER Diagram)
Event Management System (ER Diagram)

The diagram depicts the following entities:

  • Event - each event has its name and description, a place, and dates when it happens. Registration end date (if defined) represents the last date when the guests can sign up for the event. The event may be private or public.
  • User
  • Role - Admin, Host, Guest
  • User Role
  • Event Post
  • Group
  • Group User
  • Event Invitation
  • Invitation Response Type - Accept, Reject, Maybe
  • Event Ticket
  • Allowed Event Group
  • Event Status - Draft, OpenToRegistrations, OpenToRegistrations, ClosedToRegistrations, Ongoing, Past, Cancelled.

Entity-Relationship Concepts

The example diagram shows entities, relationships, enumeration entities (entities with defined data), associative entities, primary keys, foreign keys, auto-increment attributes, attributes with default values, and various attribute types.

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Event Management System (ER Diagram)

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