Voting System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram for a voting system. It manages multiple votings and voter groups. Multiple voting options are supported for each voting.

ER Diagram for Voting System

This ERD example shows the data model of a voting system. It models the following entities:

  • Voting - represents a voting event with a restricted period of validity when the voters can vote. Voting is available only when the status is set to Open.
  • Voting Option - an ordered text option associated with voting.
  • Voting Status
  • Voter - a person registered in the voting system, who can vote in defined votings.
  • Voter Vote - a voter's vote (chosen option) in voting with a date when the vote was cast.
  • Voter Group - a group of specific voters, which can be associated with votings. Voter groups can have different voting powers.
  • Allowed Voter Group - a voter group that can vote in specific voting.

These options are pre-defined for the voting status:

  • Draft
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Cancelled
Voting System (ER Diagram)
Voting System (ER Diagram)

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Voting System (ER diagram)

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