Food Ordering System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram that depicts the entities of food ordering system.

ER Diagram for Food Ordering System

This ER diagram describes the data model of food ordering system. The modeled system supports various restaurants with different menus. Each menu item allows the customer to choose extras. Coupons can be applied to order to get discounts.

Food Ordering System (ER Diagram)
Food Ordering System (ER Diagram)

The ER model includes these entities:

  • Restaurant
  • Opening Hours
  • Week Day
  • Coupon
  • Menu
  • Menu Group
  • Menu Item
  • Menu Item Extra
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Order Item
  • Order Item Extra
  • Order Status - the order may be in one of these statuses: Draft, Ordered, Preparing, Checking, Prepared, Delivering, Taken Over and Cancelled.

Download ERD of Food Ordering System

The example of ER diagram for food ordering system can be download here. After downloading you can edit it using Software Ideas Modeler diagramming editor.

Food Ordering System (ER Diagram)


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