Nested and Associated Diagrams

Software Ideas Modeler supports adding nested and associated diagrams to any diagram element.

Each diagram element can be further described by one or more nested/associated diagrams. A nested diagram is included in the element. An associated diagram can be any independent diagram in the project which is used as additional clarification or a context to the given element.

You can add a diagram to an element this way:

  • Right-click on the element
  • Choose Diagram submenu from the context menu
    • Choose Add Nested Diagram to create a new nested diagram
    • Choose Associate New Diagram to create a new diagram and associate it to the selected element
    • Choose Associate Existing Diagram to pick an existing diagram you want to associate to the selected element
Associate Existing Diagram
Associate Existing Diagram

Associated Diagrams Indicator

An element with one or more associated diagrams is marked with a bent arrow symbol (displayed above the element). When you double-click an element with a nested or associated diagram, it will open in a diagram editor (on a separate tab). If there are several nested or associated diagrams, the first one will be open.

Associated Diagrams in Project Tree

The associated and nested diagrams are listed in the project tree under the element to which they are associated. You can navigate the nested diagrams also by selecting them in the tree in the Project sidebar.

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