General Tab (Options)

The general tab contains general application settings and options (user interface settings, language, etc.)
  • Dark mode - switches the application environment to the dark colors (the backgrounds are turned to dark colors, the texts are rendered with light colors and the icons are adjusted for better visibility on the dark background.)
  • Show Start Page - enables opening the start page at application startup. Start Page offers list of recent projects, main start actions (for creating a new project and opening an existing project) and news. It also offers the 'Start with...' box for faster access to the start actions (e. g. creation of a project with a specific diagram type.)
  • Show project overview on loaded - enables opening the Overview tab with diagram thumbnails when opening a project.
  • Restore last opened windows on project loaded - restores the diagram tabs that were open when the project was saved.
  • Show full project path in window title - enables displaying the project file name including the full path in the window title bar
  • Show navigation bar - shows the project navigation bar that displays the project path to the active diagram and quick navigation to the hierarchy-related items.
  • Show tab thumbnails - shows a diagram thumbnail when hover the cursor over the diagram tab.
  • Show sidebar switch - shows a bar with buttons for all possible sidebars (Project, Properties, Styles, etc.)

Toolbars (Group)

This group allows you to set visibility of particular toolbars for Menu and Toolbar environment.

  • Standard - shows/hides Standard bar (If ribbon environment is chosen, these settings does not have any effect.)
  • Layout - shows/hides Layout bar (If ribbon environment is chosen, these settings does not have any effect.)
  • Status bar - shows/hides Status bar
  • Toolbox - shows/hides Toolbox
    • Auto hide toolbox - the toolbox will be hidden if there are not tools available for the active tab.
    • Auto hide scrollbar - enables the automatical hiding of the toolbox scrollbar. If enabled and the cursor is not over the toolbox area, the scrollbar will be hidden.

Language (Group)

Language Group offers the Language drop down list, which allows you to switch the entire user interface to a chosen language.

Shortcut Keys (Group)

The group contains the check box 'Don't use shortcut keys with CTRL-ALT'. If this option is checked, it disables all shortcut keys with CTRL-ALT - combination, which may conflict with typing in some languages.

Tab Bar (Group)

The group offers settings for adjusting the tab bar appearance and behavior.

  • Tab sizing - the following tab sizing options are avialble:
    • Prefer full names on tabs - the full name of the tab will be always displayed in the tab bar.
    • Prefer more tabs - the tabs will have fixed width and get smaller to fit all of them to the tab bar area.
  • Show navigation arrows - shows buttons for navigation to the previous and next tab. The buttons will show on the right side of the tab bar.
  • Minimum width - defines minimum width of each tab.
  • Maximum width - defines maximum width of each tab.
  • Tab cycling - defines the order in which are the tab switched when using the CTRL-Tab shortcut keys.
    • In last open order - the tabs are switched in the order as they were last accessed.
    • In tab order - the tabs are switched in the order as they are rendered in the tab bar.

DPI (Group)

  • System DPI - system-defined DPI is used for the application controls.
  • Custom DPI - custom DPI is used for the application controls.
    • DPI - the numeric value represents the custom DPI

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