Menu Tab

Menu tab allows to set custom shortcut keys for any menu item.
Options - Menu Tab
Options - Menu Tab

If you want to set the custom shortcut keys for a menu item, select it in the list of men items (1) and define the shortcut keys in the Shortcut Keys group. The shortcut keys can be combination of Control (2), Alt (3), Shift (4) and non-modifier key (5).

If you want to return to the default application shorcut keys, click on Default button (6).


Tom 9 April 2014 15:24:39

Regional bug

The "alt+c" default binding (cascade layout) is blocking the possibility to enter the letter "ć" used in Polish language.

Dusan Rodina - 9 April 2014 20:00:04

RE: Regional bug

Please, check the option "Don't use shortcut keys with CTRL-ALT" in Settings dialog / General Tab / Shortcut Keys group. (Settings dialog is available from Tools / Options).

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