University Information System (ER Diagram)

An example entity-relationship diagram for a university information system.

ERD for University System

The entity-relationship diagram depicts the entities of a university information system. The model allows us to record faculties with academic departments and study programs. The modeled system includes student enrollments for particular study programs. The model associate offered academic degrees with the study programs. Multiple academics can work for an academic department, and each study program has a responsible academic for it.

The diagram includes the following entities:

  • Faculty
  • Academic Department
  • Study Program
  • Academic
  • Study Program Degree
  • Academic Degree
  • Student
  • Student Study Program

The entity-relationship diagram also includes data for the academic degree entity:

  • SB - Bachelor of Science
  • SM - Master of Science
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
  • ME - Master of Engineering
  • AM - Master of Arts

Diagram of University Entities

Entity-relationship diagram for University system
Entity-relationship diagram for University system

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University System (ERD)


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