Diagram Change Tracking

Changes in a diagram can be tracked and visually presented in the diagram editor. When change tracking is enabled in the project, the software can identify and highlight the changes for each model element.

If you want to track changes, you need to enable it using the dedicated button first:

  • in the ribbon tab Review, press the Track Changes button (you will find it in the Change Tracking group)
  • in the menu interface, you will find the feature in Tools / Change Tracking / Track Changes

Change Tracking Statuses

When the change tracking starts, all the changes are compared with the original state of each model element. The changed elements are highlighted with a yellow outline, the completely new elements have a green outline, and the deleted elements are highlighted in red. Unchanged elements do not have any change-tracking-related highlighting.

Each model element must be in one of these change tracking statuses:

  • unchanged
  • changed
  • new
  • deleted
Change tracking statuses in the diagram editor
Change tracking statuses in the diagram editor

Handling Changes

The changes in the diagram can be either accepted or rejected. If the change is processed in any way, the element change status changes to Unchanged. The accepted changes are applied to the element. The rejected changes are reverted. If you accept the removal change of an element, the element will definitely be deleted from the project. If you reject the removal change, the element will be restored.

Diagram change tracking
Diagram change tracking

You can access the change tracking features from the ribbon tab Change Tracking on the Review tab or from the menu Tools / Change Tracking. There are these actions available:

  • Track Changes - starts change tracking in the current project.
  • Highlight Changes - shows color outlines around changed elements (red for deleted, green for new, yellow for changed).
  • Show Changes - opens Changes window with changes from the previous confirmed state of the selected element.
  • Accept Changes - accepts the changes for the selected elements.
  • Reject Changes - rejects the changes for the selected elements and reverts their original states.
  • Accept All Changes - accepts all changes in the project.
  • Reject All Changes - rejects all changes in the project.

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