Show Association Attributes (in UML Class)

Apart from standard attributes defined within a UML class, the attributes of a UML class can also be expressed using the associations.

A UML class includes a list of attributes that can be added one by one using context bar buttons in the diagram editor, or you can use the Properties dialog and edit the attribute list in the edit grid. The class attributes are stacked in the list under the class name.

Sometimes, it may be more intelligible if the attributes, represented by the associations, can be displayed in the same list as the explicitly defined attributes. Software Ideas Modeler offers a feature that allows you to list all the association attributes in the attributes section of the class. To show them right-click on the desired class. Then open the Show Parts submenu from the displayed context menu and choose the Association Attributes item. The association attributes will be rendered a little bit lighter than the attributes defined directly in the class.

Show association attributes
Show association attributes

Show Association Attributes in Entire Diagram

You can show association attributes for all the classes in the diagram if you change the defaults for the diagram. It is possible using the Diagram Properties dialog (right-click on the diagram and choose Diagram Properties from the context menu. In the dialog, switch to the Show Parts tab and check Association Attributes checkbox.

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