Overview Zoom

This tutorial will explain the Overview Zoom feature in Software Ideas Modeler, a convenient tool to adjust the visibility of your diagrams. This feature is particularly useful when the font size becomes unreadable at some zoom levels, ensuring that the names of elements remain visible.

What is Overview Zoom?

Overview Zoom is a feature that adjusts the font size of diagram elements to maintain readability. When the text in the chosen style font becomes unreadable due to zooming out, the Overview Zoom will change the font size so that the element names remain visible. If the font size is still readable, the element rendering will remain unchanged.

Overview Zoom
Overview Zoom

How to Activate Overview Zoom?

Depending on your preferred interface layout, activating the Overview Zoom can be done in two ways:

Using the Ribbon Interface

  • Navigate to the View tab located at the top.
  • Inside the View tab, find the Zoom group.
  • Within the Zoom group, you will see the Overview Zoom button. Click on it to activate/deactivate the feature.

Using the Classic Menu Interface

  • Go to the View option in the menu bar.
  • Hover or click on Zoom to see a dropdown menu.
  • From the dropdown, select Overview Zoom to turn it on/off.

Using Overview Zoom Efficiently

Quick Navigation: While working on large projects with expansive diagrams, use the Overview Zoom to quickly navigate between different sections, ensuring that element names remain visible.

Presentations: If you're showcasing your models to stakeholders or team members who need a high-level perspective, the Overview Zoom ensures that the names of the elements are still readable, even if the rest of the diagram details aren't.

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