Add All Relationships By Model

In complex modeling, maintaining accuracy and efficiency is key. Software Ideas Modeler offers a robust feature Add All Relationships By Model, which automates the process of adding relationships to your diagrams. This tutorial will guide you through using this feature, especially useful when working with models that span multiple diagrams.

Step 1: Understanding the Context

  • Begin by identifying a scenario where multiple diagrams are part of a larger model. For this example, we’ll use a bank system model.
  • The goal is to create a separate diagram focusing on a specific aspect of the model, such as card transactions.

Step 2: Creating a New ER Diagram

  • Create a new Entity Relationship (ER) diagram - click on the Add New Diagram button in the Project sidebar and choose the Entity Relationship Diagram in the dialog.
  • Name the new diagram appropriately, e.g., 'Card Transactions', to reflect its specific focus.

Step 3: Adding Elements to the Diagram

  • Navigate to the project tree to find the relevant elements. In our example, look for elements like 'Transaction'.
  • Drag and drop these elements from the project tree onto the diagram canvas.

Repeat the process for other related tables or elements necessary for your diagram.

Step 4: Using 'Add All Relationships By Model'

  • Traditionally, you would add a few relationships manually. This would involve connecting the elements on your diagram through relationship lines, representing the interactions between them.
  • However, let's streamline the process using the Add All Relationships By Model feature.
  • Go to the ribbon, click on the Diagram tab, and find the Editing group.
  • Here, locate and click on the 'Add All Relationships By Model' button.
  • Upon clicking, the feature automatically adds all the relevant relationships from the model to your diagram.

Step 5: Observing the Automated Changes

  • After applying the feature, observe how the diagram is updated with the necessary relationships.
  • This step saves time and ensures that your diagram accurately reflects the underlying model without the need for manual addition of each relationship.

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