Auto-Size of Diagram Element

A selected element can be resized automatically by double clicking on one of its grips. There is also a lot of auto-sizing options.

Double-click on a sizing grip results in autosizing of the selected element:

  • right grip to set auto-width
  • bottom grip to set auto-height
  • right bottom grip to set auto-size
Auto-Size Using Grips
Auto-Size Using Grips

Auto Size Options

An element can be auto-resized also when its content is changed. This auto-sizing can be turned on or off using Options dialog (File/Options) - Options / Diagram Editor / Auto size elements after editing checkbox. There is several sub-options how to handle the auto resizing:

  • Auto enlarge and shrink - if the content changes, the size of element will be adjusted to fit the content
  • Auto enlarge (default setting) - if the content changes and it does not fit the element bounds, the element will be enlarged. If the content fits in the bounds - they stay unchanged.
    • Preserve width if possible - if the content can be fit in the bounds in several lines the element bounds will be unchanged.

Auto Size Using Keys

A selected element can be resized using the default shortcut key ALT+A.

This option is available also from:

  • Ribbon: Design/Auto Layout/Auto Size
  • Menu: Arrange/Auto Size

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