Show or Hide Element Parts

The displayed element parts can be customized. You can show or hide various parts without changing the underlying model.

To show/hide parts of element right click on it and choose Show Parts submenu. Alternatively, you can go to ribbon - Element context tab group/ Format tab/ Presentation group/ Show Element Parts.

There you can check/uncheck an item you want show/hide. These options are available:

  • ID
  • Parent Name
  • Name
  • Stereotypes
  • Tagged Values
  • Fields
  • Empty Compartments
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Visibility
  • Operations
  • Operation Parameters
  • Operation Visibility
  • Template Parameters
  • Relationship Texts
  • Description
  • Nullability
  • Attributes
  • Field Description
  • Attributes
  • Extension Points
  • Sequence Number
Hide Element Parts
Hide Element Parts

Element setting for shown parts overrides default diagram setting. You can set the shown/hidden parts for the whole diagram (all elements on it) using Diagram Properties dialog (Show Parts tab) or using ribbon - Diagram tab/ Editing group/ Show Element Parts.

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