Batch Export

How to work with batch export and learn all its options.

Software Ideas Modeler allows you to export multiple diagrams to images at once using Batch Export. This features is accessible from menu File > Export > Image.

In Batch Export dialog there are several options how to do an export. In the left panel you choose the diagrams you want to export to images. In the bottom there are the useful buttons Select All (select all diagrams), Invert (invert current selection) and None (deselect all diagrams).
On the right there is tab control with two tabs Output and Content. In Output tab you can choose the format of exported images (bitmap formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, vector formats: SVG, WMF, EMF and image inside PDF document), the type of file naming and output directory, where generated files will be saved.

File Naming

There are two options how to name the files with generated images. The first option is to use for files the same name as the diagram.

OriginalExample Class Diagram
LowerCaseexample class diagram

The second option is to define the custom rule for file naming. The default rule is: <ModelName>_Diagram<Index>_<DiagramName>

The tags you can use in the custom naming rule:

<ModelName>The name of parent model of processed diagram.
<Index>The index of processed diagram in sequence.
<DiagramName>The name of processed diagram.
<Uid>Internal ID of diagram.

The properties of generated images can be adjusted in the Content tab. There are settings for layer handling, size and background style of images.
Export Only Active Layer – exports only active layer for each diagram, other layers will be omitted.
Export Hidden Layers – exports all layers including hidden layers.


Absolute size – all exported images will have the same absolute size.
Relative size – width and height is defined as percentage of the original diagram size.

Batch export starts after clicking on OK button. The window with progress bar shows the progress of exporting.


Assid 26 May 2014 13:31:47

PDF export


If I want to export to PDF and I set absolute size it still works as relative set on 100%

is this a bug?

Dusan Rodina - 26 May 2014 21:27:20

RE: PDF export


you're right, this setting cannot be applied on PDF format. I'll improve it in one of next releases.

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