Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements

This tutorial shows how to create associate diagrams and define the relationship between two elements, which are defined in two different diagrams.


Create Package Diagram with two packages named PackageA and PackageB.


Associate new diagram to PackageA – click on Add New Diagram in context menu of package (context menu available on right click).


Select Class Diagram, type its name and confirm it clicking on OK button.


Draw a class diagram.


Repeat steps 2 to 4 for PackageB.


In Project tab of Side bar, choose All Entities view.


Open the package diagram with PackageA and PackageB . Drag ClassA from project tree and drop it to PackageA and ClassB to PackageB.


Insert relationship between two classes. For example choose Use relationship and drag from ClassA to ClassB.



Carl Edwards 23 March 2014 20:39:51

Associating elements

I read the tutorial on how to associate elements from different diagrams. (Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements). The instructions made use of packages. I'm wondering does this defeat the purpose of having the function that allows for associating an element with a diagram by right clicking on the element? What is the difference?

Dusan Rodina - 23 March 2014 21:35:54

RE: Associating elements

I answered your question here:

fr016 2 March 2019 17:52:27

Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements

is it possible to have a demo in gif like the other tutorials?

it is a format so pleasant and fast to understand ....

Dusan Rodina - 3 March 2019 22:05:11

RE: Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements


Yes, more animated tutorials are being prepared. They will be added during this year.

Michael 28 May 2011 11:28:50


Could this also work for subdiagrams?

I would love to have subdiagrams to actions in activity diagrams where slots (perhaps as input pins) in the subdiagram are synchronized with the ones on the upper level.

Or is that by any chance already possible and am I just not seeing the functionality?

Dusan Rodina - 29 May 2011 16:07:28

RE: Subdiagramms

The synchronization is bidirectional and can be used for any element in any diagram, but it updates only the content of individual elements (name, stereotypes, tagged values, attributes, etc.). New relations between elements are not inserted into the another diagram automatically - you have to insert them manually.

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