Aliases - Various Name Sets in Diagrams

Aliases allow using various sets of names in diagrams which is useful for the diagram translation to other languages or when we need different names for various groups of users (developers, managers, clients).

Aliases allow you to use multiple names for a single element. You can create diagrams with multiple translations or names for various contexts.

Work with aliases is quite straightforward. You can find the respective actions in the Project ribbon tab in the Aliases group.

You can create a new alias group using the button Create New Alias. It shows a dialog where you can choose the name of the alias group and its description. After confirming the new dialog, the new alias group is activated. If you rename the element in the diagram now, you will edit the alias from the active group.

If you want to switch to another alias group, click on the Aliases button. It shows a submenu with a list of all alias groups.

Switching to other aliases
Switching to other aliases

Alias Editor

The most effective way how to display and edit aliases in all groups is Alias Editor (ribbon / Project / Aliases / Aliases).

The Alias Editor includes a grid with all elements. The elements are listed in rows; alias groups are enumerated in the columns.

The editor offers a toolbar with the following actions:

  • Choose Elements - offers access to a dialog for choosing the listed elements in the editor grid.
  • Refresh - refreshes the element grid.
  • Export - exports the grid of elements and their aliases to the CSV file.
  • Print - prints the element grid. The following dialog allows you to choose which alias group should be included.
Alias Manager
Alias Manager

Alias Manager

The Alias Manager provides tools for managing the list of alias groups. You can show the manager from the ribbon - Project tab / Aliases group / Button in the right bottom corner of the group. It is also accessible from the quick action box (CTRL+Q) - just type "Alias Manager" into the box.

The window shows the list of all defined alias groups in the project.

The Alias Manager offers the toolbar in the top part of the window with the following actions:

  • Add - adds a new alias group.
  • Edit - shows a dialog for editing the name and description of the selected alias group.
  • Delete - deletes the selected alias group.
  • Activate - activates the selected alias group. The aliases from this group will be displayed in the project diagrams.
  • Edit Aliases - shows the Alias Editor for quick alias editing and alias overview.
Alias Editor
Alias Editor

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