Chart Data

You can edit the chart data using the Properties dialog.

You can edit the data of any chart type in Software Ideas Modeler in the same way. Right-click on the chart and choose Element Properties. Switch to the Data tab to access the data editor. It offers two panels - Data Series on the left and Data on the right.

You can add several data series to a single chart. Data series represent parallel data sets. Other data series can be added using the Plus button above the list box.

To add data items to the data series, select the desired data series in the list on the left and add new items using the Plus button above the Data list box. You can edit the captions (keys) of the data items in the Key column and the values in the Value column. Keys can be any text; values must be numbers.

To remove a data item, select it in the list box and click on the Remove button (with a red cross) above the list.

Chart Data Editor
Chart Data Editor

Copy Data From One Chart to Another

You can copy the entire data set from one chart to another. Drag a chosen chart using the right mouse button and drop it over another chart. From the context menu choose Copy Data or Copy Shared Data. The Copy Data option creates a one-time disconnected copy of the data. The Copy Shared Data option creates a dynamic copy. The data will be shared between the diagrams for which you use this action.

Copy Data to Another Chart
Copy Data to Another Chart

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