Diagram Search

The diagram search feature helps you to find the text you are looking for in your diagrams.

The diagram search feature helps you to find the text you are looking for in your diagrams.

You can show the Find window using the CTRL + F shortcut keys or:

  • from the ribbon: Home / Editing / Find...
  • from the menu: Edit / Find...

Enter the text you want to search in the Find what text box. You can choose the locations of the project where you want to search using the Look in drop-down:

  • Current Project - searches within the whole project.
  • Current Folder - searches only in the diagrams defined in the same folder as the current diagram.
  • Current Diagram - searches only in the currently open diagram.
  • All Open Diagrams - searches within the diagrams that are currently open in tabs or separate windows.
Search in diagram
Search in diagram

Find Options

The Find Options part of the Find window offers two tabs General and Find in Parts. The General tab allows you to adjust the way of searching using the following options:

  • Match case - finds only the texts that are the same including their casing.
  • Match whole word - finds the texts only as the whole word, the texts that are parts of longer words are not identified as matches.
  • Use - enabled the drop-down with specific search options - searching with regular expressions and wildcards:
    • Regular Expression - the searched text is specified using the regex language.
    • Wildcards - the searched text can include wildcards - asterisk (*) for multiple characters and question mark (?) for one character.
  • Open window with all results - found occurrences will not be navigated one by one, but all occurrences will be listed in the separate result window.

The Find in Parts tab allows you to choose which element parts should be searched. These options are available:

  • Name
  • Custom ID
  • Stereotype
  • Tagged Value
  • Documentation
  • Comment
  • Attribute
  • Operation
  • Other

When you click on the Find Next button (and the "Open window with all results option" is unchecked), the found text will be highlighted in the diagram editor and the view will be scrolled to the element with the found text.

If the text is found within the element documentation, the Documentation floating window will show and the found text will be selected in the documentation text editor.

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