Shapes (Drawing Group)

Draw various shapes in your diagrams. Software Ideas Modeler offers dozens of basic shapes that can be used on any diagram. You may find the shape tools in the Drawing group in the toolbox.

Shapes may be used on all (non-table) diagrams. Some shapes may be further adjusted. Configurable shapes provide additional diamond-shaped grips that allow you to change its proportions.

How to Draw a Shape

There are various ways how you can draw a shape with Software Ideas Modeler. The shape tools are available in the Drawing group in the toolbox.

Shapes in the Drawing group (Toolbox)
Shapes in the Drawing group (Toolbox)

You can add a shape to a diagram by dragging it from the toolbox to the desired place on the diagram canvas. The shape will be added with the default size. Then you can adjust its size using sizing grips.

Insert a shape to a diagram
Insert a shape to a diagram

Another way to draw a shape is to click on the shape button in the toolbox to select it and specify the top-left and bottom-right point of the shape by dragging in the diagram editor. The shape will be created in the defined area.

Draw a shape
Draw a shape

If you want to draw multiple shapes of the same kind one in a row, click twice (or double click) on the Shape button in the toolbox. Then if you want to add a shape with the default size, click on the point in the diagram canvas where you want to place the shape and it will be inserted there. If you want to specify the location and size of a new shape, drag from a point in the diagram canvas to another point to specify bounds of the created shape.

Draw multiple shapes in a row
Draw multiple shapes in a row

Configurable Shape

Shape Configuration

Shape Configuration

Supported Shapes

You can draw dozens of shapes with Software Ideas Modeler.

Shapes Overview
Shapes Overview

Basic Shapes

  • Ellipse
  • Pie
  • Chord
  • Triangle
  • Right Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezium


  • Rectangle
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Inverted Rounded Rectangle
  • Snipped Rectangle
  • Beveled Rectangle


  • Callout Arrow Left
  • Callout Arrow Right
  • Callout Arrow Up
  • Callout Arrow Down

Lines and Strokes

  • Connector
  • Arrow Connector
  • Line
  • Freehand Stroke


  • Left Arrow
  • Right Arrow
  • Down Arrow
  • Up Arrow
  • Chevron Left
  • Chevron Right
  • Chevron Down
  • Chevron Up
  • Arrow
  • Notched Arrow
  • Striped Arrow
  • Bidirectional Arrow
  • Chevron
  • Arrowed Arc
  • Double Arrowed Arc


  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Polygon
  • Star

Symbols and Special Shapes

  • Cross
  • Multiply
  • Cube
  • Frame
  • Half Frame
  • Circle Hollow
  • Arc Block
  • Wave
  • Double Wave
  • Ribbon
  • Scroll
  • Moon
  • Sun
  • Gear
  • Prohibition Sign
  • Drop

Texts and Image

Except the previously named shapes there are available these elements:

  • Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Art Text
  • Image


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