Auto Layout

Available from version 3.10 in Standard, Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Transform the way you organize your diagrams with the Auto Layout feature. This powerful tool offers a range of layout options to automatically arrange your diagram elements, ensuring optimal organization and presentation. Whether working on complex networks, hierarchical structures, or simple lists, Auto Layout adapts to your specific needs, significantly enhancing the readability and aesthetics of your diagrams. Many of the auto layouts also come with a variety of adjustable parameters, offering you even greater control and customization to achieve the perfect layout for your data.

Design > Auto Layout

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Data Analysts visualizing complex data relationships
  • Project Managers needing to showcase project flows
  • UI/UX Designers organizing interface elements

Available Layouts

  • Force Directed - Ideal for network diagrams, arranging elements based on their relational dynamics.
  • Smart - Intelligently positions elements for optimal clarity and balance.
  • Row - Aligns elements in a horizontal sequence.
  • Column - Arranges elements in a vertical order.
  • Circle - Places elements in a circular layout, perfect for cyclic processes.
  • Around Center - Organizes elements around a central point.
  • Cascade Displays elements in an overlapped, cascading manner.
  • Horizontal Funnel - Organizes elements in a funnel shape, widening from top to bottom.
  • Vertical Funnel - Similar to Horizontal Funnel, but oriented vertically.
  • Spiral - Arranges elements in a spiral formation, ideal for representing iterative processes.

Streamline Your Diagramming Process

Explore the versatility of Auto Layout in your next project.