Custom Types

Available from version 4.00 in Standard, Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Expand your modeling capabilities with our Custom Types feature. This powerful tool enables you to define and utilize custom data types within your projects, enhancing the specificity and clarity of your models. Ideal for software developers, data analysts, and system architects, Custom Types allows for the creation of tailored types that precisely fit your project's requirements.

Moreover, Custom Types supports generic (parametrized) types, offering even greater flexibility and precision. This functionality is perfect for projects requiring advanced data structures or specific type constraints, ensuring your models accurately reflect the complexities of your systems.

Process > Lists > Types
Tools > Lists > Types

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Software Developers defining complex data structures
  • Data Analysts requiring specific data types for analysis
  • System Architects modeling advanced system components
  • Technical Writers documenting software and systems

Enhance Your Models with Custom Types

Discover the power of tailored data structures with our Custom Types feature.