Database Import

Available from version 4.00 in Professional, Ultimate editions

Streamline your data modeling process with our Database Import feature. This tool is essential for database administrators, developers, and analysts. It supports importing schema data from a wide range of databases, including MS SQL, MySQL, and any database with OLE DB or ODBC providers (e.g. Oracle). With this feature, you can effortlessly create a new model based on existing database structures or update changes to an existing model, ensuring your diagrams reflect the latest database schema. Whether you’re documenting an existing database, planning a migration, or integrating new systems, the Database Import feature simplifies and accelerates the process.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Database Administrators managing and documenting databases
  • Software Developers needing an up-to-date view of database structures
  • Data Analysts involved in database design and optimization
  • System Architects planning database integration and migration

Enhance Your Database Management Workflow

Discover the efficiency of our Database Import feature in your data projects.