Decision Table

Available from version 11.00 in Professional and Ultimate editions

Streamline complex decision-making processes with our decision tables. This feature is essential for analysts, project managers, and developers who require a structured approach to analyze and visualize decision logic. A Decision Table consists of conditions and actions arranged in rows, with each column representing a specific rule. Conditions in the table can vary, including types such as yes/no, yes/no/unknown, numbers, text, date, time, and custom choices. This versatile format makes it possible to succinctly represent complex decision scenarios, ensuring clarity and consistency in decision-making.

Whether you're designing business rules, software logic, or workflow processes, the Decision Table feature provides a clear, concise way to capture and communicate the criteria and actions involved in making key decisions.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Business Analysts creating and analyzing business rules
  • Software Developers implementing complex logic
  • Project Managers overseeing decision-driven projects
  • Quality Assurance Professionals ensuring decision accuracy and effectiveness

Enhance Your Decision-Making Process

Discover how the Decision Table feature can streamline and clarify complex decisions in your projects.