Element Grids

Available from version 7.00 in Professional, Ultimate editions

Maximize your project's organizational efficiency with our Element Grids feature. This tool provides a visual grid representation of relationships between different categories of elements within your project. It's an invaluable resource for anyone needing to analyze and manage complex relationships in a clear, concise format.

This feature enhances the clarity and management of relationships within your projects, streamlining analysis and decision-making processes.

View / Grids
View / Grids

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Project Managers overseeing complex project structures
  • Software Developers analyzing system architecture
  • Business Analysts mapping out process flows and relationships
  • System Architects organizing large-scale infrastructures

Element Grids allow you to see intersections where elements in rows are related to elements in columns, marked with checks for easy understanding. This feature is particularly useful for visually mapping out:

  • Diagrams: Shows relationships between diagrams and elements, indicating which elements are placed on which diagrams.
  • Stereotypes: Displays which elements have which stereotypes and the usage of stereotypes across elements.
  • Tagged Values: Similar to stereotypes but for tagged values, providing insights into their application on various elements.
  • Relationship: Reveals connections between elements, such as associations, generalizations, and more, offering a comprehensive view of element interactions.

Streamline Your Project Analysis

Explore the comprehensive capabilities of Element Grids in managing and understanding your project relationships.