Field Browser

Available from version 11.00 in Standard, Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Streamline your data field management with the Field Browser feature. This tool is an asset for software developers, data analysts, and database administrators who need to maintain a clear overview of various data fields across different elements in a project. The Field Browser provides an organized and detailed view of all fields, including attributes, operations, and methods, enabling efficient access and management.

Whether you're refining a data model, auditing a database schema, or working on complex software architecture, the Field Browser enhances your ability to quickly locate, analyze, and modify data fields within your project, improving accuracy and productivity.

Ctrl + Shift + F

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Software Developers managing attributes and operations in classes
  • Data Analysts working with complex data structures
  • Database Administrators overseeing database field integrity
  • System Architects designing and auditing system architectures

Enhance Your Data Field Management

Explore the capabilities of the Field Browser for efficient project data handling.