Available from version 5.00 in Ultimate edition

Streamline communication and enhance understanding across your projects with the Glossary feature. This tool allows you to define and manage a centralized list of terms and definitions, ensuring that every team member and stakeholder has a clear and consistent understanding of key concepts. Ideal for complex projects with specialized language or large teams, the Glossary feature helps maintain clarity and prevent misunderstandings, making it an invaluable resource for effective project communication.


Ideal for Users Like:

  • Project Managers overseeing multidisciplinary teams
  • Technical Writers creating consistent documentation
  • Developers and Architects within specialized fields

Glossary Capabilities

  • Documentation Generation with Predefined Templates - Seamlessly integrate your glossary into project documentation. With predefined templates like 'Glossary' and 'Glossary Table,' you can automatically generate a comprehensive list of terms and definitions. This feature ensures that all technical terms used in your project are clearly defined and accessible in your documentation, enhancing understanding and readability.
  • Interactive Term Definitions in Documentation - Enhance the documentation understanding with interactive term definitions. When viewing documentation, simply hover over any word or phrase that's included in the glossary to see its meaning. This intuitive feature is invaluable for ensuring immediate clarity and supporting educational objectives, especially beneficial in documents with specialized terminologies.
  • Main Project Glossary and Partial Glossaries - Maintain flexibility with both main project glossaries and partial glossaries. You can have a central glossary for the entire project and additional, more focused glossaries within specific project folders. This dual approach allows for both overarching consistency and local relevancy, accommodating the diverse needs of large and complex projects.
  • Automatic Glossary Term Meaning Generation Using AI - Leverage AI for intelligent glossary creation. This feature automatically generates meanings for glossary terms, saving you time and effort in compiling definitions. It's especially useful when dealing with a large number of technical terms or when working in rapidly evolving fields where new terminologies frequently emerge.
  • Other Names and Abbreviations for Terms - Enhance term accessibility with synonyms and abbreviations. Each glossary term can include alternative names and abbreviations, making the glossary more comprehensive. This feature is crucial for accommodating various terminologies and abbreviations used by different teams or disciplines, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regardless of their background.

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